It may seem sort of an odd question, but the query appeared on a discussion board online a few days ago spurring more than a handful of responses and a sprinkling of stereotypes directed at our favorite people. But what’s the best major? And how can they even be compared?

The question, which was posted on, was posed like this: “I go to the University of Pittsburgh and have no idea what major to choose. I just feel that if I major in accounting I have some “skills” which can then be used for any job in the future, whether it be marketing or finance. I feel that everyone who goes into marketing is looking for the “easy way out.” But then again, accounting seems so boring. I’d like to get out of the cubicle once in a while.”

Gulp. Straight from the mouth of a babe.

The responses aren’t much better:

“If you’re outgoing, love getting out of the office and going on business trips, have a great personality and love meeting new people, go with marketing. If you prefer to keep to yourself, occasionally want to interact with others outside of the office, and want a more relaxed work life, choose accounting.”

A more relaxed work life? I bet some of our readers would disagree. And does that mean all accountants keep to themselves? I think not!

Here’s another:

“If you can handle accounting it will be way more useful in the future. Anyone can do marketing. Marketing is a joke. Accounting for sure.

Ouch. And so not true. (Sorry marketers, I’m just the messenger here.)

One more in marketing’s defense, yet with a dig at accounting:

“Ah, easy way out, marketing? Wrong. I’m majoring in marketing and HR and it isn’t the easy way out. If you like figures and sitting at a desk all day long punching numbers into a calculator, do accounting. There is always going to only be one answer for your figures. If you would like to structure plans and research for companies to excel among competitors, and feel accomplished when you help with the success of a business, go for marketing. Do not assume that marketing is the easy way out though or you will get a big surprise.”

Perhaps some Accounting Tomorrow readers need to school the readers of with some comments!