Brilliant - the staffing and management resources firm specializing in accounting, finance, and IT - recently released itsQ4 2016 Accounting, Finance and IT Hiring Forecast, which suggests a significant increase in hiring for the aforementioned fields in the coming year.

The Q4 Hiring Forecast, compiled by Dr.Richard Curtin, director of Surveys of Consumers at theUniversity of Michigan, polled approximately 300 hiring managers and human resources professionals this past summer and found that one third of businesses reported unfilled positions in the accounting, finance and IT sectors - the most since 2014.

"Among all respondents, 25 percent planned to increase hiring of accounting and finance professionals, up from 17 percent last quarter and 20 percent this same time last year. This was the highest level we've seen since 28 percent was reported back in the Q4 2014 Hiring Forecast," stated Dr. Curtin.

34 percent of respondents indicated one or more accounting/finance positions open, per the report, with an additional 4 percent having 10 or more open positions in the field.

"Our study brings important insight into the future of accounting, finance and IT, and the overall health of the labor market," said Brilliant CEO Jim Wong, per a statement. "We haven't seen a spike in hiring plans like this in quite some time. This is a remarkable degree of optimism given the unpredictability of the economy and the tightened talent pool."

To download the fullQ4 2016 Hiring Forecast, head to Brilliant's site here