The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board is making it easier to find information about audit firms.

The PCAOB has introduced a new page on its Web site that will allow users to search through an interactive list of registered firms by different factors.

Users can search by firm location, type of audit firm practice, and other factors. The list will also allow users to sort, group and filter the list of registered firms based on a variety of characteristics.

The page will let users find registered firms located in particular cities, states or countries. In addition, Web site visitors will be able to search for all registered firms in each of the following categories, as determined by the firms’ most recent annual reports on Form 2:

• firms that issued an audit report for at least one issuer

• firms that did not issue audit reports for issuers but played a substantial role in the audit of at least one issuer

• firms that did not issue audit reports for issuers or play a substantial role in issuer audits but issued a report on the financial statements of at least one broker-dealer

• firms that did none of those things

From this new, interactive page, Web site users can also link to a firm summary page for each of the more than 2,000 registered firms. The firm summary page includes links to the registration application (Form 1) for each firm, any annual and special reports filed by the firm (Forms 2 and 3), and inspection reports and disciplinary proceedings, if there are any.

The interactive list can be reached at this link, through the PCAOB home page at (first bullet under Registration and Reporting) or via the registration and reporting page at The new list of registered firms will replace the current PDF lists of registered firms by name and location which will remain available through Friday, May 11.

Separately, the PCAOB is also seeking nominations for its Standing Advisory Group for the 2013-2015 three-year term. The board is seeking nominations of individuals who have expertise in accounting, auditing, corporate finance, corporate governance, and/or investing in public companies. In addition, the board is seeking nominations of individuals with experience related to auditing or financial reporting related to broker-dealers and smaller public companies. The SAG provides input and advice to the PCAOB on a wide array of topics related to its standard-setting activities. Recent examples of input provided by the SAG include auditing in the current economic environment; potential changes to the auditor's report; and going concern.

The SAG currently has 42 members, with 14 members' terms expiring in 2012. Nominations, including self-nominations, are sought annually, and may be submitted by any person or organization. The Nominee Form can be used to nominate yourself to the serve on the SAG. The Nominator Form can be used to nominate an individual to serve on the SAG. The deadline for submissions is June 15, 2012.