On Tuesday, FIU’s College of Business announced that PwC has donated $100,000 in support of FIU's School of Accounting.

“We have a very strong vested interest in the success of the College of Business and the School of Accounting because we recruit many students from FIU for both internships and full-time positions,” said Mario de Armas, Florida market managing partner at PwC, in a statement.

He added that PwC expects to have hired at least 60 full-time employees and interns from the College of Business by the end of this year.

PwC’s contribution will be used to cover graduate students’ participation at research conferences across the United States and to send undergraduate students to case competitions, said Ruth Ann McEwen, director of the School of Accounting and Senior Associate Dean of the College of Business.

“They [PwC executives] are extremely visible on campus throughout the year, not just at recruiting time,” she added. “That’s a pretty strong show of support for our programs and for our students.”

In recognition of the gift, Classroom 222 in the College of Business’ state-of-the-art Management and New Growth Opportunities (MANGO) building, home to the School of Accounting, will be named the PwC Classroom.

“To see our brand represented there is a great source of pride for me personally because of my history with the university,” stated de Armas.

McEwen noted that the PwC Classroom will serve as a symbol of the firm’s relationship with the School of Accounting and the College of Business. She recalled how one student’s participation in the Introduction to the Profession non-credit course sponsored by PwC led him to a job at the firm’s Chicago office upon graduation.

For more information, head to FIU's site here.