When a firm has hired 40 to 45 new class graduates each year for the past four years, it makes sense that their employee population would get a lot younger. And what does a firm gain with a younger population? Energy, enthusiasm and well, insight. At least for one New England firm.

In a recent conversation with Richard Caturano, president and chief executive of Vitale Caturano & Co. in Boston, he told me that in his experience, his young employees have a sense of "service above self" when it comes to client care.

"When you have that kind of culture, it's just very exciting," he said, adding his younger-generation employees thrive on teamwork and group activities, versus working more traditional 80-hour work weeks.

"I don't think this generation would brag about how many hours they work," Caturano said. "What they would brag about is the results they deliver to their clients and the meaningfulness of their experience."