Any high school students out there intrigued by accounting need an iPod? The American Institute of CPAs wants to help you get one – and draw you into the profession at the same time.

At their annual fall council meeting this week in Las Vegas, the Institute rolled out their “Start Here Rock Out” iPod sweepstakes, a contest designed to encourage high school students to complete their FutureMe profiles on the organization's interactive career Web site, “Start Here Go Places."

“It’s a total myth that accounting is a boring job,” said Jeannie Patton, AICPA vice president for students, academics and membership. “CPAs are smart people pursuing incredible careers and leading exciting lives.”

I agree.

I also think the AICPA is clever.

For seven weeks, they’re going to be giving away 10 iPods a week, pre-loaded with a video about the accounting profession (ha!). They will also be giving away 50 iPods at the end of the “Start Here, Rock Out” sweepstakes. Those interested (remember people, only high schoolers) enter by creating and saving a FutureMe profile on the Web site which is set up to encourage high school students to enter into an accounting career.

The FutureMe feature helps students discover a potential career path based on responses to a series of questions about their personality and preferences. The model career path gives insight into what life is like in a particular position, expected salary and weekly hours, as well as, a timeline of how one might achieve this position.

Rock on!