Roger CPA Review Founder Won the Dating Game

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Roger Philipp, the founder of the Roger CPA Review, has an event in his past that few of the thousands of CPA candidates who have taken his exam prep courses probably knew about: he once appeared on “The Dating Game.”

My colleague, managing editor Danielle Lee, was searching on Google for the proper spelling of Philipp’s name and she chanced across a YouTube video showing a vintage clip from the long-running game show. It was brought back to TV as “The All-New Dating Game” at the time when Phillipp appeared on it. “Bachelor Number 1, what do you do?” asks the host. “My name is Roger Philipp and I’m a Certified Public Accountant,” the young man responds proudly.

Philipp then informs the host his show reminds him of “Let’s Make a Deal.” Surprisingly, he doesn’t get booted off the set.

One of the other competing bachelors stands in stark contrast to Philipp, expressing an aversion to talking about money and dates who make financial demands. Ultimately, Philipp gets picked, with the bachelorette saying she liked his preference for wine and soft talk.

To check out the video, click here or on the video player below. To watch a more recent clip of him filmed in our decidedly less glamorous studio, click here.

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