According to a new article by Rwandan English daily The New Times, Rwanda is in dire need of CPAs. An estimated 5,000 professionals are needed in the country, as only some 300 professionals are currently registered in the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Rwanda (ICPAR)

Last week, the latest class of professionals - 100 CPAs, according toThe New Times- graduated in the capital city of Kigali after completing CPA and Accounting Technician courses via the Kenya Accountants and Secretaries National Examinations Board (KASNEB).

Peter Rutaremara, managing partner of RUMA CPA Rwanda, was present at the ceremony and painted the talent dearth in the country bluntly.

“In estimation, today, we need at least 5,000 CPAs in the country’s public and private, civil society and other sectors, yet only some 300 CPAs are registered in ICPAR,” he stated.

John Munga, Secretary General of ICPAR, also stressed the need for more home-grown talent.

“Registered Rwandan CPAs are less than 100," he said, perThe New Times. "Others are foreigners including Kenyans, Tanzanians and Indians. We will continue to work hard [at] ICPAR and with the government so that we attain the number needed on the job market. If we ...[produced] 50 Rwandan CPAs annually, we might achieve the target in some years.”

Munga went on to tell theTimesthat working with global networks of firms provides the country's professionals the necessary "financial and auditing skills and technical know-how."

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