It's not exactly as addictive as the first season of NPR's "Serial," but that's OK.  Sageworks has premiered a three-part podcast series on how to grow an accounting firm.

The series, “Next-Level Accountants: Your guide to growing a firm of trusted advisors,” includes interviews with industry luminaries such as Ron Baker, Jody Padar, Doug Sleeter, Kelly Phillips Erb, Randall Bolten and Charles H. Green.

The episodes run 15 minutes or less and are available for download on iTunes. They include:

1. 5 Steps to Better Pricing and the Tech Know-How Firms Need

2. 3 Ways Trusted Advisors Communicate Numbers Effectively and Why Sharing Your Expertise Matters

3. Becoming a Future-Ready Firm Full of Trusted Advisors

Former ABC News journalist and radio show host Richard Davies and former NPR, Entertainment Tonight and Court TV anchor/reporter Diane Dimond conducted the interviews.

The podcasts are based on the e-book of the same name by Mary Ellen Biery of Sageworks, who also interviewed these and other thought leaders to get the advice on helping firms create more value for clients.

“Like the proverbial shoemaker’s barefoot children, CPAs and other professional services firms are often working nonstop to help businesses run more smoothly or profitably, and they sometimes overlook their own need for new ideas to improve their practices,” Biery said in a statement. “Since the podcasts are portable and efficient information sessions, they provide an easy way to learn and get inspired.”