Two of the Big Four firms in Ireland have come under fire for sending sexist e-mails and photos of young female employees around the offices.

Both PricewaterhouseCoopers and KPMG got into hot Mulligan stew last month over the incidents. In PwC’s case, five male employees were suspended after they circulated an e-mail among 17 men at the Dublin branch with the names and photos of 13 young women trainees who had recently joined the firm, according to the Irish Central.

The men were asked in the e-mail to rate the women for a Top 10 list. Instead, their bosses decided to hit them with the latter-day equivalent of a shillelagh and suspend them from the firm for a few days.

Not long afterward, employees at KPMG’s Dublin office also got in trouble when an e-mail circulated discussing one of the male employee’s “luck with the ladies” and showing three photos of female staffers, according to the Irish Central.

Apparently the doldrums in the Irish economy, not to mention a bit of a debt crisis, are prompting some of the lads at the Big Four auditing firms to spend too much time looking for distractions from their fellow staffers.