Students Challenged to Make Saving Money Fun

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The Stanford Technology Ventures Program, which is sponsored by Intuit, has got thousands of students of all ages from at least 51 countries hustling. Why? They have launched a challenge for them to come up with solutions on how to “make saving money fun.”

And in this economy, that’s a real challenge.

“This year’s challenge addresses a global problem, the recession,” said Tina Seelig, the creator of the competition and the executive director of STVP. “It has had a devastating effect on companies, individuals, communities, and entire countries. Those who have been least affected either have financial reserves to draw upon or know how to do more with less. We want to show students that even the world’s most serious problems can be turned into wonderful opportunities and generate a positive impact.”

Free to interpret the challenge anyway they’d like, students have had only eight days – the challenge ends Nov. 13 – to convey their results in a short video posted to YouTube.

Called the Global Innovation Tournament 2009, the competition is organized by STVP at Stanford University for Global Entrepreneurship Week and run locally by more than 100 universities, schools and other organizations.

The idea behind the challenge is to give students a taste of what its like to be an entrepreneur – delivering results while working with tight constraints, such as limited time and resources.

The local winners in most locations will be announced during Global Entrepreneurship Week, Nov. 16 to 22 and global winners will be revealed online on Thursday, Dec. 3 on www.unleashingideas.org.

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