Accounting Elf is at it again – this time fearless blogger Kel tells us about her adventures with the CPA Review and practice exams.

We’ve written about Accounting Elf before and this time around Kel talks about her scores on the practice exam – 75 percent on the multiple choice and zero percent on the simulations because she didn’t type commas into her numerical answers.

Kel analyzed the practice test results and came to some conclusions.

“It is much easier to improve if there are only one or two sections I need to study hard (namely, nonprofits and governmental accounting),” she wrote. “On many other sections, such as liabilities, I feel quite confident and don’t think that I need to spend a lot of time studying that.”

The disclosure of her studying process drew a few comments from her readers. To find out more about how the Accounting Elf did, read her blog.