Just in time for Financial Literacy Month in April, Lance Barnard, a 17-year-old high school junior in New Jersey, has hit the Internet with a new Web site offering information and insight about financial literacy – directed at his peers.

Barnard, a student at Montclair Kimberley Academy created the Web site http://teensguidetomoney.com when he realized high schools were not providing the essentials when it came to personal finance.

Visitors will find the site broken down into four major areas of finance – earning, saving, investing and spending. Those categories are divided into more than 40 different subjects with more than 150 subtopics. There are also numerous links – including those of the U.S. Labor Department and the SEC – and a forum is under construction.

Not new to the world of finance, Barnard has his own experience – his interest in financial skills was first sparked by his grandfather at an early age. Financially active and having already invested in the stock market, Barnard interned at Context Capital Partners in Philadelphia, formed a stock market club at school and is class treasurer. He manages his own bank account, ATM card and online banking privileges.

He also runs on three track teams and is a member of the local Boy Scouts.