On Monday, Thomson Reuters announced the launch of a new sales lab for Michigan State University students, in partnership with MSU’sEli Broad College of Business. The opening was marked by a ribbon-cutting and appreciation ceremony on December 5 at MSU’s Lear Corporation Career Services Center.

The renovation was funded by a $75,000 gift from Thomson Reuters, a long-time corporate partner of MSU’s sales program.

“Thomson Reuters is excited to partner with Michigan State University on the new sales lab,” said Rick Kursik, vice president of sales for the Professional segment within the Tax & Accounting business of Thomson Reuters, in a statement. “Our relationship with the university and specifically, the sales communication specialization program has been an extremely positive one. The lab is a great way for us to expand that relationship and to provide further value to the students of MSU.”

The sales lab offers multiple options for teaching students consultative sales techniques. Five rooms in the Lear Center have been equipped with video technology, enabling students to record themselves conducting sales role-playing scenarios and presentations in order to receive customized feedback and improve their selling competencies.

“This technology is a huge enhancement to the pedagogical capabilities of our sales program in that students now have the opportunity to see themselves in action and learn from their own observations as well as from the feedback provided by professors,” said Doug Hughes, associate professor of marketing and leader of the Strategic Sales Institute, in a statement.

And while the lab’s technology is geared towards students covering sales, it also provides students across the business college with the opportunity to evaluate and improve their personal presentation skills.

For more information on the Eli Broad College of Business, visit their site here.