The AICPA Leadership Academy has come and gone but you can still gain some insight about the event through one blogger who writes about his experiences through the Alabama Society of CPAs.

Michael Kassouf, supervising senior accountant at L. Paul Kassouf & Co. in Birmingham was chosen as one of 25 young CPAs to travel to Chicago for a three day leadership summit offered by the AICPA.

Kassouf writes mainly about his thoughts on Marty Linsky, an adjunct lecturer at Harvard who has written a couple of books about leadership.

Kassouf summarizes Linsky’s view on leadership:

“The word ‘leader’ essentially equates to a bribe according to Mr. Linsky. When one performs well for an organization he/she might be called a ‘leader’ and thus, for a little extra pay will take on a lot of extra work. Who doesn't want to be thought of as a leader? Mr. Linsky argues that nobody leads 24/7. Instead, he prefers to use the phrase ‘exercising leadership.' The key to exercising leadership is to disappoint people at a rate that people can absorb. It is telling people the reality of the world versus what they want to hear.”

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