For those who need some help navigating through cyberspace and all social media has to offer, the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants has posted a primer on what to use, when.

Using a straightforward approach that includes definitions, the site offers brief explanations of the most popular social media out there – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, even MySpace – which seems to have fallen off the radar screen completely for CPAs.

“Getting started doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming, although it will take some time, especially initially, to identify the right technology that you can use to achieve your objectives,” wrote Tamera Loerzel, a partner at ConvergenceCoaching. “Learn about specific social technologies and identify one that you can commit to – whether it’s connecting with a network of people using LinkedIn, creating a presence for your firm with college students by building a firm profile on Facebook, or branding yourself or your firm as an expert or specialist in a particular area by creating your own blog.”

Also posted on the site is a video shot at the Maryland Business Expo this year explaining basic marketing concepts that CPA firms and businesses should keep in mind. Watch it and you’ll see Alexandra DeFelice, co-founder of this very blog.

Check it out.