As the world becomes more and more interconnected, an emphasis on global awareness in education is bound to increase. Recognizing this, the United Nations Association of the USA (UNA-USA) and PwC US have launched a new curriculum called Economics of Globalization.

The new program will see students and teachers participate in a wide range of activities covering economics and financial management, how to make responsible financial decisions, and how to ensure a healthier global economy.

TheGlobalization program concludes in a Model UN simulation, wherein students will represent various countries and have to defend their views, as well as demonstrate financial literacy from a global perspective.

"For the next generation of college and career-ready students to truly think globally and act locally, they will need financial literacy skills and knowledge of the economics of globalization,” said UNA-USA executive director Chris Whatley, in a statement. “In collaboration with PwC, the new Economics of Globalization curriculum will provide the tools and resources needed for students to become global citizens. Moreover, as a membership organization with a large youth cohort, UNA-USA provides a platform for students to join with the United Nations to advocate for a better world.”

"Lessons in financial capability are often discussed in context of the individual, but these lessons have a rippling effect that touch businesses, local economics and, more broadly, the world," stated Shannon Schuyler, principal, corporate responsibility leader at PwC. "Every nation can benefit from lessons in financial management and economics, and to touch every nation we need to unite the world around the need for these critical skills. By doing so, we not only help students prosper, we empower nations to as well."

Economics of Globalizationcontains 35 individual modules, with topics ranging from "Saving & Investing" to "Career Exploration." 

The Globalizationcurriculum is a part of PwC's Earn Your Futureprogram- a $160 million commitment to promote both the financial capabilities of students and the educators who teach them.

The Economics of Globalization curriculum isavailable for downloadon theUNA-USA site here.