Have accountant, will travel.This is the tagline of a new Internet-based CPA firm that touts itself asoffering the convenience of online filing paired with the valuable benefits ofa personal CPA relationship.

Based in Denver , www.mywaycpa.com, was created tooffer the best of both worlds – technology and personal CPA service - accordingto Melinda Bucknam, a CPA and the chief executive of the company.

CPAs who work with her firm haveat least five years of tax prep experience and an average of more than 20 yearsin accounting. Clients are matched with CPAs based on their needs and thoseCPAs are available to the clients year round for questions and consultations.

But how does it work?

According to the firm’s Web site,clients first pay a deposit to get things started and documents are uploaded to a personaland secure portal. A CPA touches base with the client and prepares thetaxes. The final invoice is paid and the final return is uploaded to that sameportal for the client to look over and sign for the IRS.The firm then e-files the taxes at no cost. During this process, the CPA is available fordirect communication via e-mail, phone, the portal and web conference. Tax returns areaccessible for five years – or as long as an individual remains a client.

Bucknam also has a vision for hercompany’s profits – to return a sizable portion of them to charity. “We live ina great country where most of us are blessed with clean water and food to eat,”she said. “We want to give back 30 percent of our profits to help those who don’thave enough food or medical care.”

Seems like a great idea – but willclients miss a face-to-face interaction or is this the way of the future?