When I walked into my office and saw the October issue of Accounting Today, naming me one of the 2015 MP Elite, I was honestly shocked. 

I’m honored, grateful, and think it’s really cool. I’ve won many awards for having influence, but this is different because it’s my day job.

I’m especially proud because it’s about being a top-notch managing partner in an extremely unique and different way and it was recognized for its importance to firms of all sizes nationwide.

The world is changing and the role of the managing partner is changing. It reflects a new way of working and a new way to manage a firm. It is in the “New Firm” that new tools and new resources are being utilized every day to react and respond to the world that is changing around us.  

It’s about using new technologies, including the cloud, to produce work faster so we can add more value.

It’s about allowing social media (social business) to become an everyday communication and learning tool. With the cloud and social media, it’s practice management 3.0.  And it moves fast! 

It’s about recognizing our inherit value to our customers and utilizing reflective pricing instead of on the time spent.

It’s about encouraging firms to provide customer experiences, not just good service. 

We’re building a movement to change the profession as a whole: to develop a new type of firm business model that is accepted as an alternative to what is traditional.

It’s about creating a new quality of life and a new firm lifestyle that runs parallel and is emulated by both old school managing partners who see the need to change for sustainability and for the next generation who can’t imagine running a firm in the traditional way.

Thank you for recognizing the change and disruption that is happening to firms today. Thank you for recognizing the leadership who is blazing the trail so that in 10 years this idea of “New Firm” will be regular everyday practice management. 

And to all of you who see how the world is changing, go ahead, take a chance to explore a new business model and blaze your own trail. 

Jody L. Padar, CPA, MST, is the CEO and Principal at New Vision CPA Group and author of The Radical CPA at theradicalcpa.com