What happens when you’re a 65-year-old accountant and you’ve just been laid off by your employer of 20 years?

That’s what happened to a Seattle-area accountant recently, according to a moving story published over the weekend by the Seattle Times.

The accountant, identified as M. Sloan, has been searching fruitlessly for a new job since she was laid off last September by the manufacturing company where she worked. “There is nothing out there right now for a 65-year-old accountant,” she told the writer, Michelle Archer.

In the meantime, Sloan is taking tax courses to help make her more attractive to prospective employers, cutting back on expenses, and getting advice on timing her Social Security benefits from a local financial planning firm, Icon Consulting. With the help of her financial planner, Sloan is developing a retirement plan that hopefully would help her live comfortably to at least age 90.

The story illustrates that even accountants can sometimes use outside help with their finances, especially when they’re hit by job losses and other unexpected reverses.