A new Web site, AccountingIsBoring.com, seeks to answer the question of who in Twitterland finds accounting boring.

The site, which is based in London, was “spawned out of recognition for the large feeling of discontent there is on Twitter towards accounting.” Thus, the site regularly trolls Twitter looking for any tweets where the words “accounting” and “boring” are juxtaposed. Thus, one tweet reads, “Don’t see how anybody could major in accounting. This stuff is so boring.” Another tweeter writes, “Accounting is so boring. Sitting here just drawing, waiting for time to pass.” However the site also scoops up some tweets virtually unrelated to accounting: “Twitter gets boring after a while. I wonder how many unused accounts there are.”

The site was launched by a U.K. company called Clear Books that has created an online accounting system for small businesses. “The concept is very simple,” the company’s managing director, Tim Fouracre, said in a press release. “We wanted to capture the frustrations towards accounting in one place and hopefully raise a smile at the same time. The website is not intended to be a direct jab at accounting. In fact we believe that there are new, even fun, ways to do the accounts. Accounting does not have to be boring.”

The Web site includes a poll where visitors can vote on what they would prefer to be doing instead of accounting. The choices are having a few drinks in a pub, eating a great meal, sitting on the couch watching TV, watching a live gig, or “Anything! Just not accounting.”

As of now, the latter choice is leading the pack.