I'm sure you've heard or read about the latest controversy at Facebook and Apple last week. The tech companies are offering their young female employees an opportunity to freeze their eggs and delay having children while building their careers. The tech industry workforce is approximately 70 to 80 percent predominantly male. The companies are promoting it as an employee perk.

Seeing that the accounting industry has similar issues, could we be on a similar path?

Our industry starts out with new women accounting grads at over 50 percent but then we lose them as they climb the ladder, as less than 20 percent make it to partner. As a result of these depressing statistics, the AICPA has recently renewed its commitment to women. I wouldn’t be surprised if accounting firms soon followed suit with this new “perk.” Hmm...

But let’s be real - freezing eggs seems like an extreme idea.

Everyone has an opinion on whether we, as a society, should promote or encourage this seemingly viable option.

Well, I have another idea:

How about instead of trying to delay motherhood, we work toward a more employee-friendly, work/life balance culture for both men and women. We restructure our firms from the inside out and create a "New Firm” model that’s profitable and has valuing people at its core.

I'm glad I've already had my children, one being born prematurely on March 31 (a tax season surprise to both me and my firm). But I want my employees, both women and men, to know that childbearing is NOT the only reason for balance in our lives.

Do you think frozen eggs are a solution to the lack of women in the profession?