Lansing, Mich.-based tax office management service provider ATOM Software announced that its more than 500 nationwide retail tax preparation and accounting customers can now incorporate their Facebook marketing campaigns within their customized business client portal offerings.

These clients will now be able to “like” and view the businesses’ Facebook pages directly through the password-protected client portals.

Client portals, which ATOM President Mark Pricco said are becoming a “must-have” feature for tax and accounting business owners, allow clients to log into personal portals on a secured server where they can then send and receive data.

“Based on my own successful experience using a Facebook marketing campaign, and based on evolving industry trends, we are now incorporating links to, and snapshots of, Facebook pages within our client portal offering, a first for a tax and accounting management software,” said Pricco in a statement. “We recognized that portals are not just for transferring files; rather, they, like Facebook, are rapidly becoming the main means of communication between tax and accounting offices and their clients.” 

Pricco used Facebook as part of a marketing campaign for his own tax and accounting business, X-Tax in Lansing, where he is also president.

“The client portal has evolved into a more meaningful experience for clients of tax and accounting businesses,” said Pricco. “As a result, we’re breaking new ground by linking Facebook to our client portal offering, making the secured portal a much more customer friendly and engaging experience.”