Workflow software developer XCM Solutions visited the offices today to show off the upcoming version of the company’s software for helping accounting firms route documents to employees and partners.

Some of the new features in the upcoming XCM 7.0 will include detailed signoff options, which can help auditing firms keep close tabs on which partner or staff member has signed off on an audit and who has not. A checklist can be built to make sure audits and tax prep engagements follow any standard procedures that the firm has in place. The software can help firms manage work processes across departments.

XCM plans to release the software in September, along with a portal product, XCMportal, which provides secure file transfer features and integrates with Microsoft Outlook. The company noted that the Massachusetts Attorney General has been enforcing requirements that accountants avoid transferring confidential client files, such as tax returns, via unsecure methods like e-mail.

XCM has been a close partner with CCH over the years, but now that CCH is producing its own workflow software, XCM is beginning to reach out to other vendors. So far, CCH is the only practice management software developer that XCM integrates with, but XCM now promotes the fact that it also integrates with various Web-based document management and content management systems, including Interwoven, GoFileRoom and Docushare. XCM executives suggested they may be open to eventually integrating with other practice management systems, but for now they emphasize that they’re continuing to expand the CCH relationship.