The Profession and the Pandemic | A four-part webinar series.
This exclusive series, now available on-demand, offers accounting firm partners and managing partners practical solutions to the critical issues currently facing their firms, including how to manage a newly remote workforce, how to find the elusive opportunities for growth, how to manage cash flow and collections, and much more.
Videos in the Series
  • Many firms have successfully gone virtual on the fly, but important questions remain: Is the remote workforce here to stay? What’s working, what’s not working, and what strategies should firms utilize going forward?
    June 8
  • In a recent survey, half of firms reporting reallocating employees to new work in responses to the coronavirus – and that’s just the start of the new staffing challenges the profession is facing, from decisions about rightsizing and staffing levels, to career development, upskilling and unskilling.
    June 9
  • It may seem counterintuitive to think about growth with the economy declining, but there are evolving opportunities, particularly for firms that can adapt to a changing business model.
    June 17
  • As firm leaders navigate the pandemic, significant issues are arising around allocating resources, billing and collecting from clients, and making sure the firm has the capital it needs.
    June 18