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  • Podcast Non-traditional mergers in accounting

    CPA firms aren’t just merging with other CPA firms any more – they’re scouting out practices in HR, IT, engineering, financial planning and many other areas, according to Transition Advisors’ Bill Carlino.
  • Podcast Learning to talk to your clients about fees

    Accountants too often shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to talking to clients about fees, and Inovautus Consulting’s Sarah Johnson Dobek encourages them not to be afraid to stand up for themselves and their value to make these conversations less awkward.
  • Special Report Target: CPAs

    The security of client data and accounting firm systems is a major concern these days, and this special report dives deep into the many approaches readers can take to protect themselves and their businesses from hackers, data pirates and ID thieves.
  • Special Report The 2017 best accounting firms to work for

    Our annual ranking of the top workplaces in the profession, including profiles of the No. 1 small, mid-sized and large firms.
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