Slideshow Firm Fitness: 10 Ways to Keep Your Staff Healthy

  • November 13 2014, 3:32pm EST
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Work it Out

As tax season approaches, accountants' health and wellness often takes a back seat. However, more and more accounting firms are putting their staff’s well-being at the top of their priority list. The members of our 2014 Best Accounting Firms to Work list shared what they are doing to help their staff stay fit year round.

Tough Love

Fitness boot camp is a sure way to let out some penned-up aggression after a long work day. Staff members from Allen, Gibbs & Houlik who have the energy head to the parking lot at 6 p.m. to meet the boot camp instructor, who was hired by the firm.

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Tougher Love

Not into boot camp? How about kickboxing? Wymer Brownlee hosts kickboxing classes during the tax season.

The Other Kind of Teamwork

A team sport is another way to get accountants moving. Berntson, Porter & Co. encourages their staff to sign up for their basketball and soccer leagues.

Gym Fees

The cost of gym memberships can add up, so firms like Brinker Simpson & Co. pick up the tab for their employees to help encourage wellness.

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The Gym? You're Working in It

Don't have time to make the gym a part of your daily commute? Staffers at Brown Smith Wallace suggested including a fitness center in their office. You'd be surprised at the number of accounting firms that included a gym in their new floor plans.

Fit -- and Clean

So, you've gotten your cardio on and built up a sweat, but the client you're meeting later in the day probably won't appreciate the workout body odor. That's why firms like Pittman & Brooks are offering the convenience of a shower onsite.

Rest & Relaxation

There are those days when you just need to get away from it all, even if it's just for five minutes. Brown Schultz Sheridan & Fitz encourages its staff to take that break from their computer and go and relax in the relaxation room.

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Downward-Facing CPA

Roll out those yoga mats! Firms like Maner Costerisan and Maxwell Locke & Ritter provide weekly yoga sessions in their conference rooms. Namaste.

Removing Temptation

A good workout can easily be ruined by that Bavarian cream-filled doughnut left over from the staff meeting. Instead of being exposed to candy bars and unhealthy snacks, staff members at Porter Keadle Moore are treated to fresh, organic fruit and low-calorie granola bars to curb their appetite.

Good Advice

And for those who are not quite sure how to eat healthy, firms like Clark Nuber hire a nutritionist to review, educate and reinforce healthy eating habits.