Slideshow Meet the 2016 Best Small Firms to Work For

  • December 08 2016, 4:23pm EST
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Meet the best small firms

Each year, Accounting Today and Best Companies Group select the Best Accounting Firms to Work For in three categories: Small, Midsized and Large.

This slideshow includes the best in the Small Firm Category (firms with from 15-49 employees), with their rankings and select data on the firms – as well as photos the firms submitted themselves (or, occasionally, their Web site.

You can see the full report under the Reports and Rankings tab on Accounting

And look for our Midsized and Large Firm slideshow, coming soon!

38. Davidson, Holland, Whitesell & Co.<BR><BR>

Hickory, N.C.

Staff: 22

Chief exec: Herbert Whitesell

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37. Kutchins, Robbins & Diamond<BR><BR>

Schaumburg, Ill.

Staff: 48

Chief exec: Allen Kutchins

36. May & Co.<BR><BR>

Vicksburg, Miss.

Staff: 29

Chief exec: H. Riley Nelson

35. Pittman & Brooks<BR><BR>


Staff: 22

Chief exec: Randa Brooks

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34. Murphy, Murphy & Murphy Inc. <BR><BR>

Cypress, Calif.

Staff: 45

Chief exec: Patrick Murphy

33. PDM<BR><BR>

Torrance, Calif.

Staff: 36

Chief exec: Scott Donnelly

32. E. Cohen & Co.<BR><BR>

Rockville, Md.

Staff: 45

Chief exec: Eric Cohen

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31. Garcia, Espinosa, Miyares & Co.<BR><BR>

Coral Gables, Fla.

Staff: 24

Chief exec: Leonardo Miyares

30. Wilson Toellner CPA<BR><BR>

Sedalia, Mo.

Staff: 30

Chief exec: Ron Toellner

29. RLH CPAs<BR><BR>

Hanover, Pa.

Staff: 29

Chief exec: Karl Lehman

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28. Bormel, Grice & Huyett<BR><BR>

Laurel, Md.

Staff: 24

Chief exec: Larry Bormel

27. WellsColeman<BR><BR>

Richmond, Va.

Staff: 37

Chief exec: George Forsythe

26. Mengali Accountancy Inc.<BR><BR>

Healdsburg, Calif.

Staff: 16

Chief exec: Debbie Warren

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25. Brotemarkle, Davis & Co<BR><BR>

St. Helena, Calif.

Staff: 19

Chief exec: Craig Underhill

24. Spire Group<BR><BR>

Livingston, N.J.

Staff: 41

Chief exec: Thomas Angelo

23. Haefele, Flanagan & Co.<BR><BR>

Maple Shade, N.J.

Staff: 30

Chief exec: James Rogers

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22. Conrad <BR><BR>

Lake Forest, Calif.

Staff: 21

Chief exec: Matthew Conrad

21. Ennis, Pellum & Associates, CPAs<BR><BR>

Jacksonville, Fla.

Staff: 30

Chief exec: Anna Brosche

20. Mowery & Schoenfeld <BR><BR>

Lincolnshire, Ill.

Staff: 47

Chief exec: Jeffery Mowery

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19. Burdette Smith & Bish <BR><BR>

Fairfax, Va.

Staff: 46

Chief exec: Thomas Burdette

18. Horwich Coleman Levin<BR><BR>


Staff: 18

Chief exec: Lawrence Horwich

17. Bland Garvey<BR><BR>

Richardson, Texas

Staff: 41

Chief exec: John Garvey

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16. Corrigan Krause CPAs<BR><BR>


Staff: 49

Chief exec: Thomas Harrison

15. HeimLantz<BR><BR>

Annapolis, Md.

Staff: 31

Chief exec: F. Carter Heim

14. Barnes Saly & Co.<BR><BR>

Johnstown, Pa.

Staff: 19

Chief exec: John Saracena

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13. Lanigan, Ryan, Malcolm & Doyle<BR><BR>

Gaithersburg, Md.

Staff: 34

Chief exec: Frank Lanigan

12. Williams Benator & Libby<BR><BR>


Staff: 32

Chief exec: Bruce Benator

11. Cornwell Jackson<BR><BR>

Plano, Texas

Staff: 36

Chief exec: Scott Bates

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10. Fair, Anderson and Langerman<BR><BR>

Las Vegas

Staff: 25

Chief exec: Curt Anderson

9. Santos, Postal & Co.<BR><BR>

Rockville, Md.

Staff: 48

Chief exec: Charles Postal

8. Smith Leonard<BR><BR>

High Point, N.C.

Staff: 46

Chief exec: Darlene Leonard

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7. Brinker Simpson & Co. <BR><BR>

Springfield, Pa.

Staff: 30

Chief exec: Robert Simpson

6. WhippleWood CPAs<BR><BR>

Littleton, Colo.

Staff: 23

Chief exec: Richard Whipple

5. Johanson & Yau<BR><BR>

San Jose, Calif.

Staff: 35

Chief exec: David Davis

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4. Purk & Associates<BR><BR>

St. Louis

Staff: 27

Chief exec: Jennah Purk

3. Sansiveri, Kimball & Co.<BR><BR>

Providence, R.I.

Staff: 43

Chief exec: Michael DeCataldo


San Antonio

Staff: 29

Chief exec: Melanie Kirk

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1. JW Advisors<BR><BR>

Las Vegas

Staff: 17

Chief exec: Kirk Jacobson