Best Firms - Brinker Simpson 2
Each year, Accounting Today and Best Companies Group selected the Best Accounting Firms to Work For in three categories: Small, Midsized and Large. This slideshow includes the best in the Small Firm Category (firms from 15-49 employees), with their rankings and select data on the firms, as well as photos the firms submitted themselves (or, occasionally, their Web site).

You can see the full report here – and look for our Midsized and Large Firm slideshow, coming soon!
Best Firms - Martin, Hood, Friese & Associates
43. Martin, Hood, Friese & Associates
Champaign, Ill.
Staff: 46
Chief executive: David Hood
Best Firms - Houldsworth, Russo & Co.
42. Houldsworth, Russo & Co.
Las Vegas
Staff: 17
Chief executive: Jessica Sayles
Best Firms - Opsahl Dawson CPAs
41. Opsahl Dawson CPAs
Vancouver, Wash.
Staff: 26
Chief executive: Aaron Dawson
Best Firm - Wilson Toellner CPA
40. Wilson Toellner CPA
Sedalia, Mo.
Staff: 30
Chief executive: Ron Toellner
Best Firms - Riney Hancock
39. Riney Hancock CPAs
Owensboro, Ky.
Staff: 28
Chief executive: J. Adam Hancock
Best Firms - McCoy Foat & Co CPAs
38. McCoy Foat & Co CPAs
West Linn, Ore.
Staff: 15
Chief executive: Mark Foat
Best Firms - Blackman & Sloop
37. Blackman & Sloop CPAs
Chapel Hill, N.C.
Staff: 30
Chief executive: Andrea Eason
Best Firms - Realize CPA
36. Realize CPA
San Francisco
Staff: 25
Chief executive: Kyle Vineyard
Best Firm - WeberMessick
35. WeberMessick
Staff: 17
Chief executive: Ryan Letke
Best Firms - Davis Hodgdon
34. Davis & Hodgdon Associates CPAs
Williston, Vt.
Staff: 26
Chief executive: John Davis
Best Firm - DeLeon & Stang CPAs
33. DeLeon & Stang CPAs
Gaithersburg, Md.
Staff: 39
Chief executive: Richard Stang
Best Firms - Fair, Anderson & Langerman
32. Fair, Anderson & Langerman
Las Vegas
Staff: 29
Chief executive: Curt Anderson
Best Firms - Sutton Frost Cary
31. Sutton Frost Cary
Arlington, Texas
Staff: 41
Chief executive: John Sutton
Best Firms - May & Co.
30. May & Co.
Vicksburg, Miss.
Staff: 31
Chief executive: H. Riley Nelson
Best firms - conrad web site
29. Conrad
Lake Forest, Calif.
Staff: 32
Chief executive: Matthew Conrad
Best Firms - Haefele Flanagan
28. Haefele Flanagan
Maple Shade, N.J.
Staff: 33
Chief executive: James Rogers
Best Firms - Barnes Saly & Co.
27. Barnes Saly & Co.
Johnstown, Pa.
Staff: 19
Chief executive: John Saracena
Best Firms - Navolio & Tallman
26. Navolio & Tallman
San Francisco
Staff: 16
Chief executive: John Navolio
Best firms - Miller Grossbard Advisors
25. Miller Grossbard Advisors
Staff: 38
Chief executive: Russell Miller
Best Firm - Lanigan, Ryan, Malcolm & Doyle
24. Lanigan, Ryan, Malcolm & Doyle
Gaithersburg, Md.
Staff: 35
Chief executive: Frank Lanigan
Best Firm - RLH CPAs
23. RLH CPAs
Hanover, Pa.
Staff: 28
Chief executive: Karl Lehman
Best Firms - Rudler
22. Rudler
Ft. Wright, Ky.
Staff: 31
Chief executive: Michael Lenihan
Best Firms - Bormel, Grice & Huyett
21. Bormel, Grice & Huyett
Laurel, Md.
Staff: 24
Chief executive: Larry Bormel
Best Firms - Linn Thurber
20. Linn Thurber
Staff: 33
Chief executive: Robert Gonzales
Best Firms - Mengali Accountancy
19. Mengali Accountancy
Healdsburg, Calif.
Staff: 18
Chief executive: Debbie Warren
Best Firm - SpireGroup
18. Spire Group
Livingston, N.J.
Staff: 46
Chief executive: Thomas Angelo
Best firms - HeimLantz CPAs
17. HeimLantz CPAs
Annapolis, Md.
Staff: 31
Chief executive: F. Carter Heim
Best Firm - Adamson + Co.
16. Adamson + Co.
Winter Haven, Fla.
Staff: 15
Chief executive: Eric Adamson
Best Firms - The Whitlock Co.
15. The Whitlock Co.
Springfield, Mo.
Staff: 40
Chief executive: Joe Page
Best  Firms - KRS
14. KRS CPAs
Paramus, N.J.
Staff: 20
Chief executive: Maria Rollins
Best Firms - Klein Hall CPAs
13. Klein Hall CPAs
Aurora, Ill.
Staff: 20
Chief executive: Christina Klein
Best Firms - WhippleWood
12. WhippleWood CPAs
Littleton, Colo.
Staff: 25
Chief executive: Richard Whipple
Best Firms - KNAV PA
Staff: 16
Chief executive: Nishta Sharma
Best Firm - Homes, Lowry, Horn & Johnson
10. Homes, Lowry, Horn & Johnson
Fairfax, Va.
Staff: 34
Chief executive: Kathleen Poorbaugh
Best Firms - ATKG
San Antonio
Staff: 39
Chief executive: Melanie Kirk
Best Firms - LevitZacks
8. LevitZacks CPAs
San Diego
Staff: 36
Chief executive: Theresa Drouillard
Best Firms - Pittman & Brooks
7. Pittman & Brooks
Portland, Ore.
Staff: 23
Chief executive: Randa Brooks
Best Firms - Sansiveri, Kimball & Co.
6. Sansiveri, Kimball & Co.
Providence, R.I.
Staff: 46
Chief executive: Michael DeCataldo
Best Firms - Johnason Yau
5. Johanson & Yau
San Jose, Calif.
Staff: 39
Chief executive: David Davis
Best Firms - Fischer Cunnane & Associates Ltd.
4. Fischer Cunnane & Associates Ltd.
West Chester, Pa.
Staff: 37
Chief executive: Richard Stiebritz
Best Firms - Purk & Associates
3. Purk & Associates
St. Louis
Staff: 25
Chief executive: William Purk
Best Firms - Williams Benator & Libby
2. Williams Benator & Libby
Staff: 34
Chief executive: Bruce Benator
Brinker Simpson
1. Brinker Simpson & Co.
Springfield, Pa.
Staff: 30
Chief executive: Robert Simpson