RedGear Technologies, developer of TaxWorks professional tax software, has partnered with marketer Business Owners Advantage to offer an automated expense tracking tool for taxpayers.

Known as Deductr, the joint-marketed product will help taxpayers who file a Schedule C, C-EZ and partnership returns, and others to automate the process of tracking time, activity, income, expenses and mileage associated with business ownership. 

Deductr is available on a subscription basis to business owners through their tax professional. Tax preparers interested in offering Deductr to their clients can sign up to be an affiliate through TaxWorks and then offer the program at a discount to their clients.

“We’re excited about our partnership with Business Owners Advantage,” said RedGear president Chip Coons. “Their business activity tracking tool, Deductr, is a top-shelf product designed to be accessible anywhere on a mobile phone or other Web-connected device with simple steps to track things like business expenses or miles. It’s an invaluable tool to business owners. Our tax preparers will be able to strengthen the relationship they already have with their important business customers with Deductr.”

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