IRS outages cover slide
While no one was happy about the technical glitches that left critical tax filing systems unavailable for a large part of April 17, the public response leaned more to wry humor than serious outrage.

Some were happy for the extra day to file, others saw an excuse to drag out their favorite "Office Space" memes (watch Slide 2), and still others photocopied their butts to fax to the IRS. Many tax pros noted that they already had plans for April 18 (like screening "Black Panther," or sleeping) and that nothing would drag them back into the office.

But it wasn't all good-natured resignation: Many saw it as yet another reason to hate their political enemies, whether on the left or the right, and even more believed it was a clear demonstration of government incompetence.

With all that in mind, here's a selection of representative responses from across the Internet, including some of our editors' favorites.
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