New Website Generates Mileage Logs From eCalendars

BizLogr Inc. today unveiled MileLogr, an Internet service designed to help taxpayers get tax deductions for the business use of a car by figuring out the distances driven from data in the user’s calendar.

MileLogr supports Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Apple calendars and utilizes appointments already created.  The site is free to use. Once the user has connected MileLogr to their calendar and reviewed their appointments, MileLogr will calculate the trips traveled and display the number of miles eligible for a tax deduction. Users can buy a detailed report listing all of their trips.

“Millions of Americans pay thousands of dollars of unnecessary taxes because tracking the business use of a car is too difficult," said BizLogr Inc. chief executive Charlie Kindel. "MileLogr makes creating the documentation required by the IRS easy. It is ideal for people who drove a lot in 2012, but forgot to create a log. It can construct one from their 2012 calendar. The IRS gives a 55.5-cent deduction for each mile driven. A taxpayer who drove 10,000 miles in 2012 can get a $5,550 tax deduction by using MileLogr.”

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