Prager Metis announces new 'Dress for Your Day,' Summer Friday policies

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Prager Metis CPAs announced on Friday two new HR policies in the form of a “Dress for Your Day” dress code, as well as a redesigned Summer Friday program.

"Dress for Your Day" - a move that co-managing partner Glenn Friedman says was added to "highlight our corporate culture and help increase staff morale"- will allow staff to dress more casually, such as in jeans, on a daily basis. If staff members are meeting with clients, however, more appropriate dress is a must.

Some attire will remain blocked: Clothing and/or jewelry with offensive words, cutoffs/shorts, gym wear, clothing that reveals undergarments, tank tops, evening wear, sweatshirts/sweatpants, miniskirts, sneakers, sandals and flip-flops are among the frowned-upon items. The firm produced a short video detailing the policy on YouTube.

The firm also announced a new summer schedule in which all staff members have the option to work a 4-day, 37.5-hour work week this year from Memorial Day through Labor Day. The four days can consist of any four days of Monday through Friday, with approval from partners and/or managers.

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