The Tax Foundation, the nonpartisan think tank devoted to tax research, is not a place you would normally associate with humor, but they do make an exception for April Fools' Day.

In honor of April 1, the typically serious tax researchers at the Tax Foundation have penned a few light-hearted tax-focused April Fools' posts to help their fellow overtaxed tax experts deal with the final stretch of the busy season crunch:

IRS Announces Data Sharing Agreement with Nigerian Prince
India's Curry Tax Exclusion Goes Awry
Kanye West Releases Tax Plan Ahead of 2020 Presidential Run
Costumed Characters Gather in Protest of Tax Credit Program

Also check out a special April Fools' Day contribution to Accounting Today from CPA and consultant Kristen Rampe (see CPA Spontaneously Combusts During Sales Call).

Enjoy, and Happy April Fools' Day!