Bulleted lists in presentation captivate audience

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In a PowerPoint presentation to manufacturing industry controllers and CFOs on April 1, CPA Janet Trelite wowed the audience with a slide deck featuring 64 information-packed slides. The hour-long talk on the new leasing standards was fourth in a lineup of technical experts on tax, revenue and, of course, blockchain.

In preparation for the event, Janet spent over two hours creating dozens of bulleted lists with diligence and zeal. The results of her work really started paying off around Slide 39, when audience members, eyes heavy with post-lunch fatigue, were torn from their smartphones by the 10-point-font list detailing the numerous disclosure requirements of the new codification.

It was clear the CFOs and controllers connected with the new standards thanks to Janet’s diligence in preparation and stage presence. Audience members noticed she expertly alternated between reading her bulleted slides in a monotone voice and saying, “We’re not going to have time for this slide, let’s move on.”

“Bullet 7 on Slide 48 was poignant and perfectly placed, alerting us to the need to understand that ASU 2016-02 does not apply to leases of biological assets, including timber,” said to Bryce Nguyen, CFO of HardHatsRUs, “I almost missed it, but my controller Connie nudged me while I was reorganizing my personal email folder and told me to look. It was then that I realized I needed Janet’s expertise as a CPA more than ever.”

Emerging leader Katie Milner added that the visuals, though sparse, were stunning. “There was one chart that had SO much data, I was in awe. I need to ask her what program she used to get all those data points on one slide.”

The presentation wasn’t completely flawless, though. At one point, Janet almost stepped out from behind the lectern. Members of the audience tensed when she took a step to the left, wondering if she was going to move away from the large wooden bastion of safety. Relief came when Janet quickly remembered her 8th grade speech class lesson and got right back into place.

When asked about how she felt about her presentation, Janet felt she met expectations. The audience members who filled out a survey to receive CPE credit agreed.

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