A CPA has released what he is calling a “survival kit” for the Internal Revenue Service’s recently revised repair regulations for tangible property.

Last week, the IRS relaxed the repair regulations in an effort to lighten the burden on some small businesses (see New IRS Procedure for Repair Regulations Reduces Burden (for Some) and IRS Eases Repair Regulations for Small Businesses).

In response, CPA turned author Roger Upton has written his first ebook on the repair regulations.

“After working closely with the IRS to develop and finalize its tangible property regulations, I thought it was essential to author a survival kit for CPAs to reference during this year’s tax season,” said Upton, who is a partner at MS Consultants, an income tax consulting group that has prepared over 100 tangible property repair studies for clients. “The new regulations and procedures are complex, and 400 pages of new tax law can be overwhelming. I wanted to simplify the content and highlight the top considerations and tax savings ideas for CPAs to review that will impact the largest percentage of their client base.”

Upton has written two versions of the ebook: "Tangible Property Regulations Survival Kit: A How To Manual" and "Tangible Property Regulations Survival Kit: A How To Manual LITE."

They are available for $2,900 and $875, respectively, at www.fixedassetreview.com.