Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting said it has been selected by the Internal Revenue Service to provide tax law and expert guidance and analysis handbooks to support the IRS staff in their research responsibilities.

The IRS is supplying its agents and other staffers throughout the country with several Wolters Kluwer tax publications, including the 2016 Winter Edition of the Internal Revenue Code, 2016 Winter Edition of Income Tax Regulations, and 2016 U.S. Master Tax Guide.

The Internal Revenue Code and Income Tax Regulations guides will be used by IRS researchers as a portable solution for referencing the official law and interpretations to validate their tax positions. The U.S. Master Tax Guides will be available to field agents who require quick, easy to understand answers to tax questions.

Last August, Wolters Kluwer announced that the IRS opted to continue a decade-long partnership with the company for delivering sales tax rate and taxability tables to help millions of taxpayers across the country prepare their tax returns.