Best Firms - Skoda Minotti
Each year, Accounting Today and Best Companies Group selected the Best Accounting Firms to Work For in three categories: Small, Midsized and Large. This slideshow includes the best in the Midsized Firm Category (firms from 50-249 employees) and the Large Firm Category (firms with 250 employee or more), with their rankings and select data on the firms, as well as photos the firms submitted themselves (or, occasionally, their Web site).

You can see the full report here – and see our Small Firm slideshow here.
Best Firms - SC&H Group
Sparks Glencoe, Md.
Staff: 239
Chief executive: Ronald Causeyi
Best Firms - Wall, Einhorn & Chernitzer
51. Wall, Einhorn & Chernitzer
Norfolk, Va.
Staff: 85
Chief executive: Marty Einhorn
Best Firms - Haddox Reid Eubank Betts
50. Haddox Reid Eubank Betts
Jackson, Miss.
Staff: 58
Chief executive: Paul Calhoun
Best Firms - Hughes Pittman & Gupton
49. Hughes Pittman & Gupton
Raleigh, N.C.
Staff: 83
Chief executive: A. Kent Pittman, J. Mark Livingston and R. Brooks Malone
Best Firms - Coulter & Justus
48. Coulter & Justus
Knoxville, Tenn.
Staff: 53
Chief executive: Mike Parton
Best Firms - Porter Keadle Moore
47. Porter Keadle Moore
Staff: 75
Chief executive: H. Phillip Moore
Best Firms - Castro & Company
46. Castro & Co.
Alexandria, Va.
Staff: 53
Chief executive: Thomas Castro
Best Firms - William Vaughan Co.
45. William Vaughan Co.
Toledo, Ohio
Staff: 58
Chief executive: Aaron Swiggum
Best Firms - Beaird Harris
44. Beaird Harris
Staff: 53
Chief executive: Pat Beaird
Best Firms - RBT
43. RBT CPAs
Newburgh, N.Y.
Staff: 105
Chief executive: Thomas Weddell
Best Firms -  KatzAbosch
42. KatzAbosch
Timonium, Md.
Staff: 90
Chief executive: Mark Cissell
Best Firms - Maner Costerisan
41. Maner Costerisan
Lansing, Mich.
Staff: 99
Chief executive: Jeffrey Stevens
Best Firms - Allen, Gibbs & Houlik
40. Allen, Gibbs & Houlik
Wichita, Kansas
Staff: 120
Chief executive: Paul Allen
Best Firms - Haskell & White
39. Haskell & White
Irvine, Calif.
Staff: 70
Chief executive: Wayne Pinnell
Best Firms - Walter & Shuffain
38. Walter & Shuffain
Staff: 57
Chief executive: Jonathan Yorks
Best Firms - Bernard Robinson
37. Bernard Robinson & Co.
Greensboro, N.C.
Staff: 118
Chief executive: Wade Pack
Best Firms - PKF Texas
36. PKF Texas
Staff: 134
Chief executive: Kenneth Guidry
Best Firms - HBE
35. HBE
Lincoln, Neb.
Staff: 67
Chief executive: Scott Becker
Best Firms - CCK Strategies
34. CCK Strategies
Tulsa, Okla.
Staff: 81
Chief executive: Terry Cumbey
Best Firms - Daszkal Bolton
33. Daszkal Bolton
Boca Raton, Fla.
Staff: 135
Chief executive: Michael Daszkal
Best Firms -  McKonly & Asbury
32. McKonly & Asbury
Camp Hill, Pa.
Staff: 71
Chief executive: Kurt Trimarchi
Best Firms - Windes
31. Windes
Long Beach, Calif.
Staff: 126
Chief executive: John Di Carlo
Best Firms - EEPB
30. EEPB
Staff: 79
Chief executive: Steve Parkhill
Best Firms - wolf
29. Wolf & Co.
Staff: 215
Chief executive: Mark O’Connell
Best Firms -  Squire & Co.
28. Squire & Co.
Orem, Utah
Staff: 94
Chief executive: K. Tim Larsen
Best Firms - Insero
27. Insero & Co. CPAs
Rochester, N.Y.
Staff: 124
Chief executive: Nancy Catarisano
Best Firms - BeachFleischman
26. BeachFleischman
Tucson, Ariz.
Staff: 128
Chief executive: Marc Fleischman
Best Firms - Kassouf & Co.
25. Kassouf & Co.
Birmingham, Ala.
Staff: 75
Chief executive: Gerard Kassouf
Best Firms - Peterson Sullivan
24. Peterson Sullivan
Staff: 174
Chief executive: Chris Russell
Best Firms- Windham Brannon
23. Windham Brannon
Staff: 158
Chief executive: Heidi LaMarca
Best Firms - Smith & Howard
22. Smith & Howard
Staff: 106
Chief executive: John Lucht
Best Firms - Hancock Askew
21. Hancock Askew & Co.
Savannah, Ga.
Staff: 94
Chief executive: Michael McCarthy
Best Firms - Wilkins Miller
20. Wilkins Miller
Mobile, Ala.
Staff: 54
Chief executive: W. Allen Carroll
Best Firms -  Lutz
19. Lutz
Omaha, Neb.
Staff: 223
Chief executive: Mark Duren
Best Firms - McGowen, Hurst, Clark & Smith
18. McGowen, Hurst, Clark & Smith
W. Des Moines, Iowa
Staff: 61
Chief executive: Daniel Schwarz
Best Firms - Gelman, Rosenberg & Freedman.jpg
17. Gelman, Rosenberg & Freedman
Bethesda, Md.
Staff: 107
Chief executive: Jacqueline Cardello
Best firms - Mowery & Schoenfeld
16. Mowery & Schoenfeld
Lincolnshire, Ill.
Staff: 63
Chief executive: Jeffery Mowery
Best Firms - Henry+Horne
15. Henry+Horne
Tempe, Ariz.
Staff: 132
Chief executive: Chuck Goodmiller and Chuck Inderieden
Best Firms - Porte Brown
14. Porte Brown
Elk Grove Village, Ill.
Staff: 117
Chief executive: Bruce Jones
Best Firms - Santos, Postal
13. Santos, Postal & Co.
Rockville, Md.
Staff: 52
Chief executive: Charles Postal
Best Firms - Hungerford Nichols
12. Hungerford Nichols CPAs
Grand Rapids, Mich.
Staff: 82
Chief executive: Rick Chrisman
Best Firms - PSK LLP
11. PSK
Arlington, Texas
Staff: 51
Chief executive: Casey Campbell
Best Firms -  Berlin, Ramos & Co.
10. Berlin, Ramos & Co.
North Bethesda, Md.
Staff: 55
Chief executive: R. Bruce Buchanan
Best Firms - Maxwell Locke & Ritter
9. Maxwell Locke & Ritter
Austin, Texas
Staff: 98
Chief executive: Steven Knebel
Best Firms - Cassady Schiller CPAs
8. Cassady Schiller CPAs
Staff: 53
Chief executive: Michael Clark
Best Firms - Clearview Group
7. Clearview Group
Owings Mills, Md.
Staff: 52
Chief executive: Brian Davis
Best Firms 0- Smith Leonard
6. Smith Leonard
High Point, N.C.
Staff: 50
Chief executive: Darlene Leonard
Best Firms - Wilkin & Guttenplan
5. Wilkin & Guttenplan
East Brunswick, N.J.
Staff: 84
Chief executive: Edward Guttenplan
Best Firms - Smith & Gesteland
4. Smith & Gesteland
Middleton, Wis.
Staff: 70
Chief executive: Bill Pellino
Best Firms - Mahoney Ulbrich Christiansen & Russ
3. Mahoney Ulbrich Christiansen & Russ
Saint Paul, Minn.
Staff: 58
Chief executive: Roz Allyson
Best Firms - Anders
2. Anders CPAs
St. Louis
Staff: 170
Chief executive: Robert Minkler
Best Firms - Berntson Porter
1. Berntson Porter & Co.
Bellevue, Wash.
Staff: 91
Chief executive: Mary Actor
Best Firms - MBAF
Staff: 389
Chief executive: Tony Argiz
Best Firms - Kearney and Co.
4. Kearney and Co.
Alexandria, Va.
Staff: 585
Chief executive: Edward Kearney
Best Firms - Friedman
3. Friedman
New York City
Staff: 440
Chief executive: Harriet Greenberg and Fred Berk
Best Firms - Bennett Thrasher
2. Bennett Thrasher
Staff: 255
Chief executive: Jeff Eischeid
Best Firms - Skoda Minotti
1. Skoda Minotti
Mayfield Village, Ohio
Staff: 267
Chief executive: Gregory Skoda