App of the Week: Slack

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Chat apps are currently a hot commodity, but it takes a balance of ease and cool functionality for any of them to overtake traditional email communication.

That’s especially true at work. Specifically, in the Accounting Today offices, where we’re ruled by the almighty Outlook, correspondence vacillates between an abundance of emails or resorting to shouting between cubicles. Or it did, before our parent company implemented Slack for all editorial teams.

While most often used as a desktop app, Slack is also available for mobile devices. After a domain is created and users signed in, the app features two built-in channels of #general or #random for team members to chat within. Both are useful for their self-explanatory purposes, but users can also create their own channels for specific teams, departments, or even topics.

In addition to text messaging, Slack supports file sharing and gifs, making for more colorful and casual conversations than email allows.

While we’re just starting to learn the benefits of Slack in the Accounting Today offices, its prevalence at many progressive companies bodes well for it as a master communication and collaboration tool.

Slack is available for iOS and Android

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