The consumer finance site WalletHub has created a ranking of the best and worst states to be a taxpayer.

For the report, 2015’s Best & Worst States to Be a Taxpayer, WalletHub compared tax rates in the 50 states as well as the District of Columbia in terms of the national average consumer’s income and spending habits.

WalletHub found that tax rates in the most expensive states are three times more than those in the least expensive states. Tax rates are 10.92 percent higher in so-called blue states than in red states.

Best States to be a Taxpayer    

1 Alaska    
2 Delaware    
3 Montana    
4 Wyoming    
5 Nevada    
6 Tennessee    
7 Idaho    
8 South Carolina    
9 California    
10 Florida    


Worst States to be a Taxpayer

42 New Jersey
43 Iowa
44 Ohio
45 Michigan
46 New York
47 Connecticut
48 Rhode Island
49 Wisconsin
50 Nebraska
51 Illinois

In addition, New York’s state cigarette excise tax rate is 26 times higher than Missouri’s. Washington’s sales and excise tax rate is nine times higher than Oregon’s. Plus, Pennsylvania’s gas tax rate is twice as high as Alaska’s.

For the complete report and state-state rankings, click here.