As in-boxes swell to bursting with e-mails that may or may not be important -- in the flood of messages, who can tell? -- more and more people are finding this basic tool to be more of a burden than the groundbreaking productivity tool it once was.

The Dispatch app aims to help with that, giving users the ability to quickly and easily sort through the daily flood, and respond quickly to the e-mails that matter most. With an easy swiping interface, it lets you determine the fate of e-mail (delete, respond, archive, etc.), and also lets you use TextExpander snippets for questions that come up frequently.

It's made for the iPhone and iPod Touch, though it can be used on iPads (with some caveats). It works with e-mails accounts from Gmail, Google Apps, iCloud, AOL and Yahoo!, with expectations of working with Outlook in the future. It also integrates with over 20 other apps.

It has some limitations, which developer Clean Shaven Apps is up front about on their FAQ, but all in all it's super-helpful for wading through your daily deluge of e-mails.

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