Dictating memos and other business correspondence may seem old-fashioned – but it’s not the dictation that’s old-fashioned; it’s having some poor drudge from the steno pool type it out. The Dragon Dictation app from Nuance Communications takes care of that, turning your spoken words into written e-mails, texts, tweets, memos and more.

Powered by the Dragon Naturally Speaking solution from voice-recognition pioneers Dragon, the app is particularly good with creating voice-to-text transcriptions for texts and e-mails, and for submitting text to social networking applications like Twitter and Facebook. It also includes an editing feature that provides a list of suggested words, and a voice-driven correction interface.

It’s a handy tool for when you’re on the road, the train, the bus or anywhere else that typing isn’t convenient, but speaking out loud is. It’s free for the iPhone and iPad.

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