3 ways to be an exceptional accountant after tax season

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As the frenzy of tax season subsides, it can be easy to fall into a slump as your work days start to ease into a more manageable pace.

Once you’ve had the opportunity to recharge after the busy season, use the downtime wisely to continue your journey toward becoming an even better accountant. Here are three actions that’ll help you thrive after tax season.

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Once tax season is over, push yourself to explore certifications that will serve your long-term professional goals. Whether that means landing your dream job or pulling in a higher salary, an accounting certification can help seal the deal. Depending on your career goals, some certifications will fit the bill better than others.

Maybe you’ve wanted to obtain your CPA license to pursue a managerial role or have the ability to be more versatile and move across various specialties. Now is your time. The CPA certification can help validate your expertise in a scope of skill sets ranging from tax, compliance and risk management to forensic accounting. If you are more interested in working on a corporate level or on a global scale, a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) license may be something to consider. Reflect on your long-term plans, and see what certifications or learning opportunities can be used to support your career objectives.

Join a mentorship program

Even the most ambitious accounting professional can be overwhelmed when trying to determine the next steps in their career. That’s why mentorship can be a game changer. There’s a lot to be gained from mentorship:

● A better understanding of your strengths, weaknesses and actions you should take in order to improve and advance.

● An opportunity to gain credibility from a highly regarded mentor, who can later provide a reference for a new position.

● Deeper insight into how you can support your organization and provide better customer service to your clients.

Whether you’re seeking ways to advance your career or considering paying it forward by mentoring new accountants, mentorships are sure to be a win-win for you and your organization.

Leverage technology

Technology is reshaping the finance and accounting industry. For those willing and able to leverage the evolving digital landscape, opportunities for growth and success will abound. Recent findings from Randstad Professionals’ white paper, Technology’s Impact on Finance and Accounting, reveal how automation is helping the accounting role transition from number-crunching to a more consultative and advisory function. Moreover, professionals will now be able to leave repetitive work to the cloud, like filling out general ledgers and managing invoices, to take more strategic and valuable work, like meeting with important stakeholders. To be an even more astute accountant, take it upon yourself to take advantage of these innovative advancements. With technology at your fingertips, you’ll be even more capable of forecasting trends and customer behaviors that bolster your bottom line.

The adrenaline rush of tax season shouldn’t be the only thing that makes you go above and beyond. To set yourself apart, take the initiative to drive your professional growth using all the resources your company has to offer. It doesn’t just serve your organization — it’ll leave you feeling challenged and fulfilled.

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