• Illinois CPA Society announces 2015 'Young Professionals Leadership Conference'

    The Illinois CPA Society’s announced this year’s events on Tuesday for their Young Professionals Leadership Conference, hosted June 5, and subsequent summer workshop series. The annual Conference, created in 2012, positions the next generation of finance and accounting professionals for future success. Read more »

  • Stop the data fearmongering!

    I woke up one day last week shocked, speechless, and seriously appalled! Across my morning Facebook feed I saw this article stating that one of the top CPA firms in the United States is not accepting credit cards due to security concerns. Read more »

  • Institute of International Education announces first 'Generation Study Abroad Scholarships'

    Leading up to its centennial celebration in 2019, the Institute of International Education launched Generation Study Abroad back in 2014 to double the number of students who study abroad each year. On Wednesday, the IIE announced the first round of Generation Study Abroad Scholarships to be awarded to 160 students at 26 commitment partner colleges and universities. Read more »

  • Ashford University launches new online master's degree in accountancy

    Ashford University in San Diego, Calif. has launched its new online master's degree in Accountancy, the University announced on Thursday. The Master of Accountancy degree program focuses on preparing students for professional careers in accounting. It was designed to develop technical knowledge while enhancing analytical, communication, and decision-making skills. Read more »

  • Armanino holds firm-wide day of volunteering, 'The Great Give'

    Armanino LLP, the largest independent accounting and business consulting firm based in California, will hold its community outreach program, "The Great Give," by closing its offices and sending employees into their communities to volunteer this Thursday. Read more »

  • AICPA urges permanent tax relief for natural disaster victims in publication distributed to Congress

    The AICPA and its members distributed Natural Disasters: The Case for Permanent Tax Relief on Tuesday to members of Congress and their staff. The publication describes the history of disaster relief in the United States and the important role that tax relief plays for individuals and business in recovering from natural disasters. Read more »

  • AICPA Begins Offering CGMA Exams

    The American Institute of CPAs is beginning to administer exams for the Chartered Global Management Accountant designation. Read more »

  • Find Out Your CPA Personality Type

    The American Institute of CPAs is offering an online CPA personality quiz that’s garnering attention among CPAs young and old alike. Read more »

  • Market Shifts for Accountant Hiring

    Employers are changing their hiring patterns for accounting staff, according to one expert, increasingly looking for permanent staff or bringing in temps that they hope to convert into full-time employees. Read more »

  • Herz and Tweedie Reflect on Convergence Efforts

    Baruch College in New York brought together the former chairman of the Financial Accounting Standards Board, Bob Herz, and the former chairman of the International Accounting Standards Board, Sir David Tweedie, last month to discuss the evolution of accounting standards and the convergence process. Read more »

  • IFAC Weighs in on European Proposal for Capital Markets Union

    The International Federation of Accountants has submitted a response to the European Commission regarding a recent green paper on building a stronger capital markets union. Read more »

  • Mad Men Inspired by Movie about Accountant

    Fans of the award-winning AMC cable TV series “Mad Men” are anxiously awaiting the series finale on Sunday, but many longtime viewers may not be aware that the show about Madison Avenue advertising agency executives was partly inspired by a movie about an accountant. Read more »

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