7 ways to boost your firm’s visibility during tax season

Tax season is the time of year when every other tax professional is focusing on completing returns for their clients, leaving the marketing field open and ready for you to dominate. With no competing messages to clutter up marketing channels, you can spend less to create more visibility for your firm.

Of course, it can be a challenge to implement and maintain an effective marketing campaign when most of your resources are being utilized for all those additional tax season chores. Yes, tax season is crazy busy. It’s easy to simply say, “We don’t need one more to-do task added to our list — marketing can wait until later.” But to delay is to miss a golden opportunity to steal a march on your competition, build visibility more easily for your firm, and add to your client list. Right now is when prospects are in the frame of mind to put their finances in better shape next year and do something to reduce their tax burden in the future.

Right now is the perfect time to boost your marketing efforts and your business.

Here are some helpful tips for streamlining key marketing tasks to make it as easy as possible:

Repurpose existing content

Tax forms
Tax forms
Revise and rerun older articles, videos, webinars and other valuable marketing tools. With a little refreshing, content created previously by you, your colleagues and other professionals you respect can gain new life and be put to good use with little additional effort.

Utilize a “mailing ride-along”

Take advantage of your regular tax-time snail-mailing and emailing to piggyback a marketing message about additional services.

Pre-plan a webinar

Webinars can be fast and relatively simple to produce. You can cover a single, valuable topic of interest to your audience in under an hour, compared to a traditional seminar that can easily take up an entire day. Record one or two in advance and schedule them to run at a time when you can gain the attention of current and prospective clients while your competitors are preoccupied with tax season activities.

Boost your social media presence

The “anywhere, anytime” convenience of social media posting makes it easy to increase your visibility on social media channels during tax season. Post something tax-related on LinkedIn, Twitter and other platforms used by business professionals to get their attention and stay in front of prospects.

Supplement social media with paid advertising

Social media is a great way to engage with clients and prospects, but its dynamic, open-ended approach can be difficult to manage. Traditional paid advertising — both off- and online — enables you to schedule marketing messages guaranteed to run when and where you want them to maximize visibility and effectiveness. Supercharge your paid advertising with offers of free, valuable content — say, an "Executive’s Guide to Reducing Taxes" or an article on "What You Need to Know About Changing Tax Regulations" — to entice viewers to provide contact information with which to follow-up after tax season.

Cross-sell post-tax time services

While you have your clients’ attention during tax season, use that time to cross-sell services you can discuss later when the smoke clears after April 15. Arrange appointments a few weeks down the road to discuss tax-related issues that may have been discovered while preparing returns.

Boost your bandwidth with guest blog posts

As part of your efforts to repurpose and recycle your existing content, actively seek out guest blogging opportunities to broaden distribution of your firm’s market messaging. Many industry and business blogs actively seek out guest authors because it’s an efficient way to keep a steady stream of posts published without over-taxing their own resources. Pitch your existing articles to relevant blogs and consider creating new ones for an optimal fit with the most valuable guest opportunities.